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Would you like an app for your project?

If you’re at that point where you need to have an application, we can surely help you.

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It can be a mobile application (Android/iOS), a web application (PWA), or even a desktop application (Windows).

The most important thing is your idea and the project; we’ll take care of the rest.


The Ethhar project is an initiative that allows contributing to memory recovery processes through customized playlists, supported by scientific research.

Working on their platform was absolutely one of the most satisfying tasks of 2022. This involved developing a mobile application (PWA) and a backoffice for administration.

Currently, it is already in its first commercial version and undergoing improvement stages based on user feedback.

We invite you to discover Ethhar

Zimbra App Monitor

The application is responsible for notifying users on their mobile devices if the systems have experienced outages or if the monitoring values have exceeded the limits set by them.

Through an architecture using Node.js and Firebase, we have achieved a backend that meets the needs in a flexible manner with projections for improvements.

This is a finished product expected to be released to the market in the first half of 2023.


SMA (Access Control System) is an application developed for a client with large-scale projects. Not only the quantity of people but also the low connectivity in some of the locations were part of their requirements.

Using tablets and mobile phones for reading their identification documents with QR codes that the workers carried for their entry/exit.

Finally, all the information is available for reports and Excel files ready to be used by the rest of their systems that require it. This is currently an active application used internally exclusively by the client company.



Participation as part of the development team hired to carry out the WAFOCH application aimed at collecting funds from the advertising viewed by its users.

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